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Admission Process

The list of selected candidates will be put up on the notice board at the coorporate office. The admission procedure will be intimated to the parents of the selected candidates. It is mandatory for both parents to be present to complete various admission formalities. In the north, free blacks were also unpopular, as several states denied their entrance, most denied them the right to vote and most essay writers for hire barred them from public schools? For students seeking admission from Class I onwards, it is mandatory to submit Transfer Certificate (original) from the last school attended. Fees, once paid at the time of admission, are not refundable in any case except the caution money (refundable) in case of refundable. The management reserves the right to have the last word in all matters relating to admission.

Age requirements as on 31st march 2021

There will be written tests on intimated dates for students seeking admissions to Class II onwards. Candidates will have to appear for an interview and during the interview, presence of both the parents will be mandatory. For admission to Beginner, Toddler , Explorer and Class I, there are no tests or interviews. The teacher observes/interacts with the child along with the parents. For admission to Class II,III,IV,V,VI,VII and VIII, a written test along with observation/interaction will be held. Observation/Interaction will be held on the same day and both parents should be present. No request for the change of dates for Written Test/Observation/Interaction will be entertained. Student Admit Card II has to submitted at School once the Written Test/Observation/Interaction is done.

Age requirements as on 31st march 2021
Standards Age DOB
Beginners (Nursery) 3+ 31st March 2018 or before
Toddlers (LKG) 4+ 31st March 2017 or before
Explorers (UKG) 5+ 31st March 2016 or before
I 6+ 31st March 2015 or before
II 7+ 31st March 2014 or before
III 8+ 31st March 2013 or before
IV 9+ 31st March 20012 or before
V 10+ 31st March 2011 or before
VI 11+ 31st March 2010 or before
VII 11+ 31st March 2009 or before
VIII 11+ 31st March 2008 or before